Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Hi i'm new to this...Be kind!

Well here I am, I finally took the plunge and I've finally set up a blog :) Not to sure what I'm doing right now so please be kind haha
Well I guess I should start at the beginning, the edited for family viewing version anyway ;)
Im 28 (just) full time mum to 3 wonderful (coughs) little girls! The very glamourous and wonderful wife to my hubby (coughs) and the owner and creator of That comment doesnt require the hint of sarcasm the others needed :)
I set up chic unique about 7 months ago now, really because my hubby had been made redundant and we needed some extra cash to see us through so I got my creative hat on and chic unique was born! At first i didnt have a bloody clue what i was doing, we had no money to use as start up costs so with a bit of ebay selling i got the very basics and i began creating!
I soon found i had a flare of unusual and funky jewellery and that people actually liked it too!!
I started selling on ebay to begin with and as prices started to creep up i boarded the etsy train!! fees are slightly lower than ebay and it was easier to capture the right audience and ive never looked back!
i now have my own website emmas attic that i built and update myself, which went live in Nov. Im yet to make a sale through it but im hopeful for 2011!
Selling through facebook, twitter and etsy all keep us going so i dont complain :)
the hubby is now back at work so the majority of the day i spend juggling kids, cleaning, cooking, nap time, playing, school trips, post office runs, photography, making, up dating, deleting, chatting, looking at pretty things.... and so the list goes on!
I hope to see 2011 really kick start chic unique into a real BRAND and ill eventually get my cottage in the country :)
Thanks for listening and ill be back soon with more chatty banter :)