Sunday, 29 May 2011

Day 6 and 7

Yesterday was day 6 of the handmade year and to celebrate, 'almost a week' of being good i chose not to do anything but spend time with the girls! I also squeezed a little bit of painting on the upstairs landing.

So today it seems i am making up for it! Today's make of the day is a collar necklace. I took the simple pattern from Mollie Makes magazine but i didn't want to use felt as they had instead i used some pretty fabric.. what an utter mistake that was!! Not a complete disaster but I'm not 100% happy with how its turned out so back to the drawing board i think. Looks like the felt is the best way to go after all!!

My want of the day are these amazing printed friskar scissors... totally cute AND practical!

and last but not least is swap of the day. This huge card making set i got off eBay a few days ago as i wanted an aperture card to put the cross stitch i did in for daddy's fathers day card but when they came none where big enough and i wont even use any of the papers etc so figured this would be suitable for one of my lovely readers, I'm happy to sell the lot with papers, cards, envelopes etc for £5 plus postage as its heavy or swap for some stiffened felt of any colour!

tweet me at @chicuniqueuk or email me for more info or to swap!
Thanks for reading and have a lovely bank holiday now the sun has come out :)

L xx