Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Day 8

There has been a major LACK of crafting over the last few days, due mainly to the increasing pile of work i have on order at the mo...dont get me wrong im not complaining but i just wish it was a bit more consistant instead of nothing then half the world and his dog places an order! *ponders* Do dogs wear jewellery???
Anyway today me and the girls had a lovely morning, we took the long way to the local Home Bargains for some supplies, rice and such then stopped by the library on the way home.
The kids got a few books each and i got the Hummingbird Bakery book, long story short, not overly impressed!!
Managed to get through a quarter of mums cross stitch but time is creeping up on me, not sure ill have it ready for her birthday EEEK!!
In other news my silver clay kit came today *squeels* EKKKK cant wait to use it!! AND... the vintage wedding ring set i got from America on Ebay for 99c, thats 68p to you and me :) Now its stamped 18K but im not convinced, plated quite possibly but i could be wrong. The stones arent diamonds of course but it is the CUTEST thing i've ever bought

And no im not getting re-married but when we did get married me and Mr Geek Pants where in such a rush we just got silver bands and after almost 2 years of heavy wear they are very badly scratched and ive longed desperatly for a vintage set, now of course Mr Geek Pants cant wear the band, it wouldnt fit him for a start!! but its a good start!

L xx