Saturday, 21 May 2011

Traders Page

This page is open to everyone, add your name and what u have to trade/swap for and if you like what you want to swap it for and contact details either for twitter or an email address.
And let the swapping begin!!
It can be anything from what you make to sell, services such as mentoring or graphic design, old clothes, kids toys, recipes etc etc absolutely ANYTHING at all. To get your name on to the trade list either tweet me your details, comment on the original post about my 12 months of nothing new or email me at


I'll swap craft supplies (buttons, lace, ribbon) for ...eerr craft supplies, that's right just changing owners LOL. Email me or tweet me @microbionoar

@aimirowe would like to be tweeted with swaps

@chicuniqueuk ill be posting a swap or two a day up on the blog for u all to see and place your offers

I have a Busy Bee fragrance bar that i win in a mini comp but cant use as its the one smell I can't stand - rose!!
Willing to swap for beads or any jewellery making equipment, tweet me @meetjosmith