Friday, 20 May 2011

my 12 month handmade, pre-loved task

Lately I've been thinking... as you have probably gathered from my last few blog posts, that there must be more to this than throw away culture. I hate high street brands, big business and all things "normal".
So I've decided to go on a 12 months handmade and pre-loved journey. I endeavour to hand make, up cycle, recycle clothes for me and the girls and buy only second hand, pre-worn, vintage and charity shop finds. This also goes for furniture and home accessories.
I also plan to home bake much more than i already do and only cook meals and snacks. No more fast food, take aways and crap. If i can make, grow, reuse it then i will!
Obviously theres things i cant avoid and will have to buy conveniences but from tomorrow (sat 21st may, which freakily is supposed to be some sort of apocalypse) i will be updating daily of the things i make, buy and reuse to cloth and feed us.
I'm hoping to take a lot from this. To see how well we cope without the things we take for granted, also i want THE coolest vintage home and this is a great way to point myself in the right direction. Theres nothing I'm yet to come across that cant be reused and remade into something amazing AND practical!
We have a stores full of clothes the girls have outgrown, but really its all just pre cut fabric ready to be remade into something that's unique AND practical.
I just don't want my kids growing into greedy so n so's! They shouldn't be concerned with the cost but that its a new (to them) toy or item of clothing!
we have a book self full of kids books that have been read to death! now how cool would it be to swap them for other books that they haven't read yet!
Those old toys and games and even shoes and clothing that could be swapped and revamped to suit yourself. no need for cash to change hands just wonderfulness of knowing that item can be loved elsewhere!!
Would be cool to get a few of you lovely readers on board to... maybe do a swap once a month, everyone post the items on their blog they don't want anymore and swap them with someone else that does want them.
After all if it is gonna be the zombie apocalypse tomorrow then money wont mean a thing!!

L x

oh and in all seriousness if you would be interested in a toy/clothes/furniture/recipe swap then pls get in touch and we can set up a list of all swappers