Monday, 23 May 2011

Post 2 of handmade year

Yesterday was Sunday and i was under strict instructions not to "social network" in any way shape or form... well u all know i did so that didn't go to well did it!... but it did reflect in my blogging :s so to make up to it today we have a few things going on, first off is my first EVER swap post (coming soon!) and i will endeavor to list an item a day Mon-Fri.
Also i will be doing a little post on a craft once a week that i will be making during my year of handmade!!

So yesterday, just to keep you up to date, was pretty boring! We got wet going for pet food... we have a few not mentioning the kids ;) then we came home and i worked ALL day!!
I made a start on @createdotnet 's custom order of 6 round yellow cushion covers... long story short i ran out of binding (bugger!)
I then made a start on the pearl bracelets that are mounting up. Got 3 out of 8 done.

So now its monday and due to the horrendous 80mph winds and torrential rain this morning i kept the girls off school, slap my hands and tell me off all u want but i ask anyone to walk over half a mile to school in heavy wind and rain then we will see what you'd do!
So kids entertained, fed and watered i managed to sneak this little cutey in...

Ive aptly named her Bunty!! i had forgot just how much i LOVE LOVE LOVE cross stitch and now i have all these wonderous ideas i want to do, what i do need tho is some gorgeous vintage frames (swap anyone???)
Hope you like her and thank you to all the support ive been getting regards to the handmade year... its exciting and fun, though not sure how long that will last, already seen some GORGEOUS shoes i desperatly want! And keep up the hard work to all the lovely ladies who have decided to get on board and do it themselves!
Even the hubby seem margionally interested in what im doing, vowing that the kids are now on a health kick, no sweets or choc! So far so good :)

L xx