Friday, 27 May 2011

post 5 and make of the day

I hate Fridays... since the kids started school Friday's have always been such hard work. They are both over tired and don't feel like facing the day and I've had about as many tantrums as i can take and to top it off Mr Geek Pants does the early shift, and as much as i love him being home for 3pm i have all the school runs to do and will grumpy princesses that's never a good combination!
Today was no better... as I'm writing this Emma is having a nervous breakdown because i said she doesn't have a bed for dolly! Now we both know its because she is tired, but will she accept that fact?? Not on your life so she is screaming blue murder because she has a snotty nose from all the excessive crying! Now however i have a headache and don't really feel like dealing with it.
But on a sunnier side its half term next week, or maybe that should of been gloomier side!!
Oh and just to make it worse on Emma's seriously bad day on Wednesday it was photo day, she had dressed herself and looked like something out of a seconds factory which i wouldn't mind so much but i had asked nursery to make her look presentable and they had changed her top into the most tartiest thing they could find so I'm not best pleased as u could probably imagine! That photo under no circumstances with grace our home!
So all in all a pretty shitty day really!

Now for something a little different, maybe get you out of that downer i just put you into... (sorry BTW!)

My Fridays make was a collar necklace. Ive had aspirations of making these for a while but after seeing the lovely things Mollie Makes did with them i found a quiet 15 mins to knock one up to see how they look! i have a million and one ideas of where i want to go with these and all will be revealed... slowly... so hears a sneaky peak at my first prototype... its is back to so no unsightly stitching on show :)

L xx

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