Tuesday, 24 May 2011

post 3 of handmade year

Today has been a generally lousy day for crafting so far, i have however decided on what to make MR Geek Pants for daddy's day thought this does require a silver clay kit which is £113! Though it will also mean i can start this custom order that's been hanging about for months, two birds one stone and all that.

So anyway, my craft of the day is cross stitch..again! but this time its going to be a card for daddy. I have found a little pattern for little people and chose on that resembles Mr Geek Pants and changed colours etc to suit him perfectly, then i am cross stitching We Love Daddy onto it then framing it into a card for him.

Here's a sneaky peak, but however i have ran out of forest green and peach... so it does look like a dodgy pirate at the mo!

Also brain wave for mothers birthday present came to me.... I NEED THAT SILVER CLAY KIT!!
Feel free to donate.. hahaha

L xx

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