Thursday, 26 May 2011

Post 4 of handmade year

Yesterday i had the biggest blogging FAIL ever! i also did not make one thing handmade for myself, i did however get THE biggest bargains at a local factory seconds shop.
Last winter Monsoon had the most amazing khaki military coat and as much as i wanted it i couldn't justify £80 for a coat and even after the winter the sale price wasn't as attractive as i would of liked so i let that one go! But yesterday i found the most amazing Dorothy Perkins military coat which looks almost identical. As its a factory second it has missing buttons to the front but for the whacking £2 i paid for it I'm quite happy to spend the next 6 months trying to find a perfect match!!!
i also got a pair of Wallis navy linen trousers for £5, i think they are sized up wrong as they are a perfect fit but marked as a size 10.
A gorgeous pair of topshop military tapered leg trousers, in an off cream colour with turn ups. There is a small snag in the bum so need to find an ingenius way of fixing them. but for £4 they are WELL worth it!
Also a pair of black palazzo trousers also from topshop, the hemming has come undone on one leg but need turning up due to my sever lack of height anyway so for £5 I'm more than happy :)
We also popped into the charity shop on the way home from school and i got a crafted t-shirt for 50p, a vintage single sheet for £1, a school summer dress for Emma for £1.50 and lis bought a Pokemon annual and 2 figures for £1 oh and a pair of pink gap surf shorts for £1.50.
Was a very GOOD day for bargains!!