Wednesday, 18 May 2011

mum... is it a job or a way of life

I've been a mum now for 7 and a bit years, i started with 1 and ended up with 3 very beautiful and very clever little girls.
Now from time to time I've had part time jobs, more of something to do than for the money, there is of course only so much baby babble and day time TV one person can take!!
Now as much as i love my girls, any mother does, at times it all feels a bit like a chore than a joy! The 5am starts are GRIM and the working conditions are pretty dire. You don't get a lunch break and there's always little feet right behind you where ever you try to hide!
Now don't get me wrong, once they are in bed and all is quiet in my nest i wouldn't have it any other way but surely if i did a job in these conditions it'd be against the law?!
I'm always broke, I'm constantly feeding and watering and changing nappies, i look as rough as a bears arse dragged through a hedge with a hangover! i don't even own a pair of heels or an item of clothing that isn't stained by chocolate or tomato sauce... in fact i don't even own a pair of trainers!!! that's how unloved i am fashionably right now and to honest its starting to become a slight obsession. Each day brings a new low and my poorly dyed blonde streaked hair looks like something off Jeremy Kyle's sofa!
You may think I'm totally over reacting and surely this poor girl has more time for herself and doesn't just drag on the closest, clean(ish) thing to hand at 8am right before we leave for the school run...well you'd be wrong, very very wrong! Yes it is that bad. So bad in fact that i haven't worn make up in the day for oh at least 2 years, i don't have a skin care regime and i defiantly aren't in the yummy mummy category in the school play ground.
To be fair it isn't the girls fault... yes they run me ragged and i barely have time to scratch my arse but its not written in the unwritten mummy handbook that u have to look like shit to have kids, I've grown lazy and well totally uninspired by the high street.
Nothing lasts or looks stylish or practical longer than one wash, and being short and slim and with 3 kids in tow at all times in trackies i look like some chavvy throw back!
Yes i am crying out for style! Ive lost my way and I've become complacent! I was ALWAYS the funky, quirky hippy type in my younger days and well basically i didn't care what ppl thought! But having kids made me aware how ppl stop, stare and judge not just how well behaved your children are but what you as a mother look like on the outside.
Sure, i shouldn't let this bother me in any way shape or form! I have never followed "crazes" and I've never wanted to look like everyone else, NEVER, so why now at pushing 30 and 3 kids and a Mr Geek Pants later I'm suddenly so bothered how i look??

OH MY GOD... I'm having a midlife crisis.......

*weeps into my mug of tea*